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Bitter Gourd Fritters & The Giveaway Winner

Bitter Gourd is packed with lots of health benefits. It helps in preventing diabetic complications, lowers the blood glucose levels and much more. Like many others even I stay little away from this veggie in particular. Many times, I deliberately avoid buying them because of its bitter taste. As this veggie is packed with health benefits,… Read More »

Shahi Tukra | Shahi Tukda

Valentine’s Day is approaching in next few days and I’m sure most of you have already planned surprises for your loved ones or may be still planning. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion which delights everyone. During this occasion most of them exchange gifts with their loved ones and plan out few dinners outside as… Read More »

Rava Kesari / Kesari Bath

2012 has been a wonderful journey for me and my blog. I have gained real good readers and fellow bloggers here. Thank you all for the support and guidance. I’m back after fun filled holiday season and I hope each one you had wonderful holidays too. Let me start the year with a sweet post.… Read More »

Kanda Poha / Simple Onion Poha

Kandha Poha is a traditional and a very popular Maharashtrian special breakfast dish. This is a very quick & easy breakfast dish or a snack prepared in just few minutes. This dish is extremely simple with some mild spice flavours and filling dish too. Ingredients: Poha/Pressed Rice – 2 Cups Large Onion (diced) – 1… Read More »

Paneer Pakoda/Paneer Fritters

Paneer Pakoda is a crunchy crispy snack or a starter dish. The pokodas are coated with gram flour and spices which is very appetizing. These go together with Mint Chutney or Tomato Ketchup. Here’s the method: Ingredients: Paneer – 200 gms Besan/Gram Flour – 1 Cup Chilli Powder – 1 tbsp Corn Flour – 1… Read More »

Rava Ladoo | Semolina Sweet Balls | How to make Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is one of the delicious Indian desserts prepared during special occasions. Any special occasions or festivals are incomplete without sweets. This exotic dessert is also prepared during Indian festive seasons mainly during Diwali.  For the first time, I prepared this sweet dish and this made my day. This has such an awesome aroma and… Read More »