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Cracked Wheat Vegetable Biryani | Broken Wheat Vegetable Biryani | Cracked Wheat Recipes

Broken Wheat is also known as cracked wheat, lapsi/dalia in Hindi, Godhumai rava in Tamil and so on. Broken Wheat is a product of whole wheat kernels which are cracked or broken into small bits. In Indian cuisine, broken wheat is used to prepare both sweet and savoury dishes. One of the most popular breakfast […]

Carrot & Sweet Corn Soup

Soups are healthy and one of the most comforting foods during winter season. I generally get ready soup packets available in the market. But this time I thought I would give a try at home using some fresh vegetables. I had some fresh carrots and corn kernels, so I quickly made this soup and we […]

Instant Oats Dosa | Oats Recipes

Oats are considered as a very healthy food. Oats porridge is sometimes boring or tasteless. You can try this version of instant oats dosa, it’s not only healthy but easy to prepare. Ingredients: Oats – 1 cup Semolina/Rava – 1/4 cup Rice Flour – 1/4 cup, heaped Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp Onion – 1 […]

Yogurt Carrot Salad

Vegetables are considered to be very healthy food to maintain a healthy body. These contain lots of essential nutrients which are vital. At times we don’t like to consume just raw vegetables. So here’s the much healthier way to consume vegetable giving a little flavor and taste. Yogurt Carrot Salad is a very simple, quick […]

Cucumber Salad | Easy Salad Recipes

Today, Let’s learn how to make Easy Cucumber Salad Cucumber is a wonderful vegetable to beat the heat during summer. This low calorie vegetable has more nutrients packed in it. Cucumber Salad is a quick recipe and yet healthy.   Ingredients: 1 Cucumber 2 tsp Grated Coconut Coriander Leaves 1tsp Oil Salt – As per […]

Onion Potato Soup

Ingredients: 2 tbsp Butter, 2 medium White Onions(chopped), 3 Cups Water, 2 Potatoes(peeled and cubed) 2 Carrots(shredded), 1 Bay Leaf, 1 Cup Milk, Salt and Pepper Powder to taste How to Prepare: Melt butter over medium heat in a pan, sauté onions until soft. Add shredded carrots, cubed potatoes, water, salt and bay leaf. Bring […]

Oats Upma

Ingredients: 2 Cups Oats, 1 tbsp Oil, 1 Onion(chopped), 1 medium Tomato(chopped), 2 Green Chillies, 4 Cups Water, Salt to Taste, 2 tsp Lemon Juice, Coriander leaves for garnishing How to Prepare: Dry roast the oats in a pan for 5 minutes, In a pan, heat oil and sauté the chopped onions for till golden […]

Mushroom Soup

Ingredients: 400 Gms Mushroom, 2 medium Onions, 2 pods Garlic, 5 Cups Water, 2 Bay Leaves, 1 Tbsp Butter, ½ tsp Black Pepper Powder, 1 tsp Corn Flour How to Prepare: Heat butter in a pan, add onions, crushed garlic and fry for 2 minutes until soft. Add the mushrooms and bay leaves. Allow the […]

Mixed Vegetable Soup

Ingredients: 2 medium Onions, 2 pods Garlic, 1 Potato (small pieces), 2 Cups Mixed Vegetables (chopped), 1 tbsp Butter, 2 Bay Leaves,  ¼ tsp Pepper  Powder, Salt to Taste, Water, Fresh Coriander Leaves How to Prepare: Heat butter in a pan, add onions and cook until translucent. Add the chopped vegetables, crushed garlic, bay leaves, […]

Vegetable Stock

Ingredients: ½  kg any combination of vegetables, 2 pods Garlic, 1 Bay Leaves, 3 Cloves, 1 sticks Cinnamon, ½ tsp Pepper Corns. Vegetables: Spinach, Celery, Green Peas, Onions, Carrots, Turnips, Capsicums, French Beans, Tomatoes and Mushrooms. Wash all the vegetables except green peas and cut into small pieces. For celery and spinach remove the root […]