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Gujarathi Kadhi Recipe

As you all know I have been away from blogging for some time now. This is because we relocated for good reasons to our hometown, Bangalore. As I write this post my mind is still reminding me every moment spent there in Ahmedabad, with those special memories attached with my little bundle of joy: my… Read More »

Basil Ginger Lemonade | Lemonade with Basil and Ginger | Summer Special Recipes

Lemonades are such a refreshing drink during summer. Summer has already started and lemonades make a very good thirst quencher. I love lemonades, be it the simple lemonade/lemon juice or the flavored lemonades. One of my all-time favorite is Mint Lemonade. Today, I’m sharing Basil Ginger Lemonade which is simple to make and mildly flavored.… Read More »

Cracked Wheat Vegetable Biryani | Broken Wheat Vegetable Biryani | Cracked Wheat Recipes

Broken Wheat is also known as cracked wheat, lapsi/dalia in Hindi, Godhumai rava in Tamil and so on. Broken Wheat is a product of whole wheat kernels which are cracked or broken into small bits. In Indian cuisine, broken wheat is used to prepare both sweet and savoury dishes. One of the most popular breakfast… Read More »

Foodpanda: Online Food Service

We have come across several online shopping options for gadgets, clothing and accessories. Now, it is time for online food shopping. Today, I will talk about a website Foodpanda. Foodpanda was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. Foodpanda is a powerful online tool for online food delivery. To make it simple, it is an… Read More »

Ghee Roasted Chicken Legs & A Sneak Peak into India Photo Video Trade Fair 2013

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend as we did. We were at the ‘India Photo Video Trade Fair 2013(Formerly known as Gujrat Photo Video Trade Fair), and we really enjoyed being there.  This fair is one of India’s most successful imaging and photo video exhibition.  They bring together top brands and suppliers under one roof.… Read More »