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Christmas, is a day of celebration. This is the time we seldom seek our family & friends to be alone. In my case I’m blessed with all this and I’m sure you too. I was kind of perplexed and thinking what else can make this Christmas special? Then, a stream of notions went through my mind. How will I make this a super wonderful day? Nothing can make a better Christmas than planning, making and presenting in my own thoughts. So here I bring and share what my Christmas has been like. I wouldn’t say this was my best Christmas but yes,’ A Special One’. I’m very glad and happier than ever to share my wonderous Christmas to you, my friends. Christmas started for me with wishes, love and hope all around. I wanted to make a difference within me. However, I was successful to pull in my hubby in my plan. With lots of fun & love we made this Christmas Eve everlastingly memorable. This is how we got together (Me & my Hubby) for tremendous and pleasurable savory of all time for a new Christmas.

Let me bring in some detail about what savory we have done for this Christmas? Kulkul’s one of the most special & savory item that one could think of during this season. I had a lot of joint ventures previously in making them. Today, I am the happiest person to share this along with you….! Ingredients: 750 gms Maida, 100 gms Butter (melted), 300 gms Sugar (powdered), 2 Eggs, 1 pinch Salt, Oil for frying How to Prepare: Combine the eggs, salt, butter and powdered sugar in a vessel. Mix well until this is completely blended. Then, add the flour and mix all the ingredients well. Add little water at a time and prepare the dough. Leave the dough covered for an hour.

Preparing Kulkul: Make tiny balls out of the dough and place it on the backside of the fork. Now, press the ball and roll to join the ends carefully so that they don’t open up while frying. Medium heat oil in a wok. Slowly put the kulkuls in the wok and fry till light brown. Remove them when fried and spread on a kitchen paper. Allow them to cool down and store them in an air tight container. Note: Make sure that the oil is not too hot which results in dark brown outer layers of kulkul and leaving them uncooked inside. You can also make different shapes like diamond or any creative shapes you like.


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