Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani

Hyderabai Chicken Dum Biryani

Here’s weekend, a day to plan out for an outing with family and friends or have a get together with a variety of food to dine. I hope you will have a wonderful time with your dear ones. About the recipe, as the name itself says ‘ Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani’, this is one of the special foods of Hyderabad. This recipe was shared by my friend, I prepared it on a Sunday and it turned out to be good in the first attempt itself. Biryani is not all that complicated dish to prepare as we think.  I have even tried out other birynani recipes but this seems an easy one.  In this recipe, I have marinated chicken with all the masalas and so the flavor is different. Here’s the recipe:


For Marination: 500 Gms Chicken (washed and cut), 2 tsps Ginger & Garlic Paste, 1 small bunch Mint Leaves, 1 pinch Saffron(optional), 1 Onion (thinly sliced), 1 Cup Yogurt, 2 tbsp Chilli Powder, 1/4tsp Turmeric Powder, 1 tbsp Garam Masala, 4 tbps Lemon Juice, 1/4 Cup Oil, Salt to Taste, Oil for deep frying Onions For Rice: 2 Cups Basmati Rice, 4 Green Cardamom, 3 Cloves, ½ tsp Cumin Seeds, 2 Bay Leaves, 1 tbsp Butter/Ghee, 5 Pepper Corns, 1 Bay Flower, Salt to Taste, Water for boiling. For Layered Cooking: A flat bottomed skillet Aluminium foil or wet towel to the cover the pan so that the steam doesn’t escape. How to Prepare: Heat ¼ cup oil in a pan and deep fry onions until it turns brown. Remove the fried onions and drain them on the kitchen towel. Crush them after it is cool which is ready to be mixed in the marinade. In a large bowl, put all the marinade ingredients and mix well. Keep aside at least for an hour as this allows the chicken to absorb the entire flavor. Place a deep sauce pan on the stove with 8 cups of water on high flame. When the water gets to boil, put the spices (Cardamom, Cumin Seeds, Cloves, Bay Leaves, Bay Flower, Pepper Corns, Salt and Butter) and cook for a minute. Now, add the drained rice to the boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Remove from flame and drain the rice with the spices and set aside. Heat a heavy bottomed vessel and add the marinated chicken. Now, add the drained rice on top of the chicken. Add 3 tbsps of oil on the rice. Cover the vessel and cook for 4 minutes. Heat flattened skillet on high flame and place the vessel on the skillet. Turn the flame to simmer. Now, seal the vessel with aluminium foil or a wet towel. Cook for 30 minutes and turn of the flame. Before serving, gently mix the chicken and rice. Serve hot with raitha.

Hyderbadi Dum Chicken Biryani


  1. Hi Maria, I agree with you. This wasn’t difficult and came out well. Thanks! Kalpana

    • Maria John

      Hello Kalpana,
      I am happy that the recipe came out well. Try many more and be delighted.

      Maria John

  2. Hi we made Hyderabadi dum biryani. its tasty and the recipe has been posted in a easy way to prepare the required item.

    Like to have many more recipes in the same way.

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