Semiya/Vermicilli Kheer

Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Vermicelli, ¾ cup Sugar, 4 cups Milk, 4 tsp Ghee, 1 tsp Almonds, ¼ tsp Cinnamon powder How to Prepare: Fry vermicelli in 2 tabs of ghee till it turns light golden colour and keep it aside. Chop almonds into small pieces and fry in 2 tsp of ghee until well roasted. In a vessel boil milk, add the vermicelli and keep on stirring medium heat till the vermicilli is  cooked and the milk is thickened. Make sure the vermicelli is not over cooked. Now add sugar and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. Once done, remove from flame and garnish with the roasted almonds and cinnamon powder. Serve hot or cold.

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